Not A New Game

Before we go further, let me tell you a secret.You always play the Energy Game.Everyone does.It is not new.You have played it since you were a baby.

From the moment you started thinking you played the Energy Game.You moved people and things around in your energy field.Each time you thought, you stirred energy around.You stirred up more ideas and persons and events appeared in response to your energy.

That you are now consciously aware of your thoughts and feelings as you play the Energy Game is whatís new.You are paying attention to the ideas you think and talk about and the feelings you associate with them.Thatís whatís new.

Consider a matter that you think about often.††

  • Write a skit to show what you have done with it now that you can intentionally focus energy.

  • Take the time to perform the skit - or at least watch it on the screen of your mind.


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