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Neville instructed us to transform energy from the inner world to the visible world. He showed us how to take action in the inner world to the point that those actions caused our experiences in the visible world.

Neville did not call it energy, but since all is energy - including Imagination, his examples of stepping out of and into states of consciousness showed us how to transform energy. All the images we'd step into are in the inner world. Each time we'd stepped into an image and played it out, we caused its energy to wrap around the form of the image. This means recognizing that images have their own energy.

Neville walked around his New York City apartment while lying on his military barracks cot in Louisiana for eight (8) nights and on the 9th day he was on a train, traveling to his home after being honorably discharged from the Army. His NYC apartment was an image in his inner world. He stepped into the energy of the image of the person who lived in his own apartment and moved about experiencing life in his apartment. This was the person he'd wanted to be - the person who lived, moved and had his being in his NYC apartment. 

The energy of the image of living in his apartment was permeated with joy - the joy of being at home with his wife and young daughter. Neville stepped into the image of his apartment and moved about, appreciating the various things he saw there. He held, touched and felt the images of persons and things in his apartment and basked in their realness. He took in the aromas filling the air, making NYC unique to him. Neville used his inner senses to connect with the images of his home and he reacted to being with his family. 

With each imaginal action Neville took, he caused the energy of the apartment to radiate and wrap itself around himself so much so that he was conscious of being the person who had returned home from the Army to his own apartment in NYC. His Colonel responded to the person Neville was conscious of being. Because Neville was conscious of being in New York, his Colonel's conception of him being in the Army was distorted. The Colonel could not "feel" him being in the Army.

To test your capacity to transform energy from the inner world to your visible world, choose an image of the person you'd like to be, step into the energy of that image and move about in the image. Keep your attention in your chosen image until it feels real to you.

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