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Neville Instructed Us to React to the Inner World


Neville instructed us to react to the inner world. He instructed us to react to images in the inner world - but not as we had always done it. Neville instructed us to modify the images and then to react to them.

Constantly we react to images in our inner world. We may have thought we were reacting to circumstances and events in our visible world, but our reaction is always after the fact - after the circumstances had occurred. The situations happened in a split second and then they were gone - but because they got our attention, they landed inside our inner world. That is, images of the circumstances landed inside our inner world. And inside our inner world, we played them out repeatedly, letting their images dance across the front of the mind. Each time we saw those images move about the mind, we reacted.

Once inside your mind, every image is fair game. Yes, each image in your mind is fair game for you to do with as you pleased. You may permit the images to do the same things you'd seen when you saw the situations in your visible world or you may modify the actions of the images and view different versions of the situations in your mind. In other words, seeing the images doing what you had already seen them doing is a matter of choice - your choice. You may stop their action and cause them to take new and different actions. Then you'd react to their new actions.

Yours is the capacity to stop any conversations, actions or movements going on in your mind. Each character moving, speaking or acting in your mind is an image and acts only by your consent. Remember, each image is a mask and costume you wear. Each time you'd carried on a conversation in your mind, you were the only speaker  - and you spoke the parts for all the characters.

Instead of carrying on the same old conversation, hold a different discussion with the characters in your inner world. Hold the conversation that fits the situation you had established for yourself. Your new conversation represents your reaction to the new circumstances.

As a parent, you'd noticed your son was not living up to his potential. His grades in school and his participation in school and community activities had declined. Often he acted out of rage and anger. Knowing something was wrong, exercise your power to modify the images of your son. First, consciously stop the actions of your son's image - his image in your mind did poorly in school and got into fights. You know what that looked like. To modify the image, take the following actions.

  • Decide what you'd like to see your son doing and what you'd like to hear him saying. 
  • Make a list of facts that represent your preferences. Add to these -
    • He's excelled in all his classes and made outstanding grades.
    • He is an active member of several organizations, including sports
    • He is a popular leader at school
  • Convert the facts to images of your son in a new role
  • Play out images of your son in his new role at school
  • Play out images of your son in his new role at home and in the community
  • Hold inner conversations with your son where he'd told you about his day

What was your reaction to your son in his modified image?

By modifying the facts about your son's image in your mind, you'd moved him from one state to another and changed your conception of him. With this new conception of your son, you'd established a new set of expectations for him. A new conception forms a different energy and you'd radiated that energy with each thought about him. He'd feel the energy and would react to it.

Always, you may alter the facts about any images running around in your mind and then react to those new facts.

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