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Neville Instructed Us to Play Out Scenes


Neville instructed us to play out scenes in the mind and to do so personally. To play out a scene in your inner world personally, you do it according to your personal wishes. You'd play the scene out in your mind to match your personal preferences.

Before we knew we possessed the power to play out scenes in the mind according to our personal preferences, we played them out as though demanded by others. In our own mind, we were victims, subject to the power of others. I'll long remember the day I discovered I was the power over the images in my mind. Prior to my find, I was afraid to modify the actions of others in my mind. I played them out just like I had seen them in my visible world and believed they were doing something to me.

I did not see what others did in my mind as my playing them out - I saw it as what they were doing. When I caught it that I was playing them out, I realized I was the only actor in my mind and that no persons were in my mind - only images of those persons. Recognizing they could do only what I'd permitted, I saw I could stop them in the middle of a sentence and I could freeze their actions in space. I found I could give them new words to speak and they spoke the words I gave them to say.

Only I occupied my mind - I am the only actor in my inner world and everyone who has my attention at any time is an image in my mind. Each image is a mask I wear when I am acting out the part of the character. Even when I'd view the image of another in my mind, I am behind the mask - I am the only one acting and I am the only one playing out the scenes.

How I'd play the role of characters whose images are in my mind shows how I had conceived of myself - it shows my conception of self. Also, how I'd played the role of characters whose images are in my mind is the basis for my conversations about these characters. Understand this: everyone in my life is a character in my drama.

Listen to my conversations about others and you will hear me tell you how I'd played them out in my mind. You'll hear me tell you which roles I'd assigned them and how I had decided they'd play their roles. My conversations about my spouse tell you the role I'd assigned him to and how I'd set it up for him to play out that role. Things I'd told you about my spouse tell you how I'd played his role while wearing the mask of his image in my mind.

In my discussions with you, telling you about my health, I'm conveying to you how I'd chosen to play out my own role regarding health. If I'd told you about a certain condition that bothered me or was painful, I'd conveyed to you that I had chosen to play out my own role in pain.

What did I tell you about my wealth? Did I tell you I was behind the 8-ball or that I was a millionaire? Either tells you how I had chosen to play out my role regarding wealth. Even if I did not tell you, but merely thought it, I'd played out my role in my mind - and where I thought of how much money I needed to meet my needs, I am in that moment playing a scene where I did not have enough money to meet my needs. It is merely an image - my wealth - and is a mask I'd wear as I'd played the role that shows the conception I'd formed for myself.

What did I say about the weather? What did I think when I heard news about the weather? Whatever I'd thought or said about the weather tells you how I'd chosen to play the weather in my drama. I noticed the impact of my thoughts and words on the weather many years ago. So, I decided to think "pleasant weather" - and played it out in my mind. This allowed for a good balance of various seasons. It's been four or five years and basically the weather wherever I was situated was pleasant. Yes, we had sunshine and we had rain. The conditions brought balance.

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