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Neville Instructed Us to Be Persistent


Neville instructed us to be systematic and persistent. He pointed out that it was the frequency with which we returned to a particular state that made it dominant. I found it was so easy to manifest situations in states I had constantly occupied. This was so because I was persistently in those states. It was my habit of thinking and feeling - the states I constantly occupied.

It is vital to know this. Many had asked why they had been unable to work the Law in certain matters. After all, they had entered the state. But the deal is this: they had not persistently occupied the state. The mere fact that they'd said they had not been able to manifest the particular desire is proof that they had not occupied the state.

Believe me, you are manifesting from the state you are occupying.

Numerous folks had expressed disappointment after trying to operate in the energy of abundance and prosperity. The disappointment disappears when the only energy you'd operated in was that of abundance and prosperity. The energy of abundance and prosperity radiates only abundance and prosperity. If you'd like to experience abundance and prosperity, enter the state of abundance and prosperity. Persist in the images of abundance and prosperity - letting these be the images you'd play out in your mind, day in and day out until this is your habit of thinking and feeling.

When you expressed disappointment, you occupied the state of disappointment and radiated the energy of disappointment. Where you'd been persistent, many events came before you - loaded with disappointment. This outcome of your persistence was perfect. It was the perfect outcome for the state you'd occupied.

Stop thinking and talking about your disappointments. If this had been your habit, you'll have to persist. To stop thinking and talking about your disappointments, get a different topic to think and talk about. Understand that you must do something else in order to stop what you were doing. Where your thoughts and feelings were in the energy of disappointments, bring up topics that radiated the energy of success. Think and talk about your successes. 

Because you are here reading this piece tells me you have numerous successes from which to draw. This is a great place to start. You may make use of any situation of your success. So to make the shift, establish a routine whereby you'd think or speak about one or another success each time a thought of disappointment came to mind.

If your experience included slow business activity, refuse to view it as disappointing. See any business activity as a success. If you had no business last week, go back to the last business transaction and count it as your success. Even if you had only one customer during the last 30 days or the last 6 months, count is as your success. Then persist in counting your success. Play out all the images of success with that one customer and notice how you felt. 

The one customer represents 5,040 customers at 7-fold. Playing out one customer in six months represents serving over five thousand customers in the same period. Let your one customer represent the many - just as David represents humanity. Use the system where one represents many to build a consciousness of volumes. Persist in viewing one as representing many and observe your outcomes.

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