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Neville Instructed Us to Penetrate Feelings


Neville instructed us to penetrate feelings. Your feelings radiate energy - they radiate the energy in and through which you are focused. Your feelings show your reactions to situations and events you met as you moved along your path.

Feelings show where you are vibrating - they show the energy through which you are vibrating. You may radiate energy in the higher vibrational frequencies (HVF) and you may radiate energy in the lower vibrational frequencies (LVF). 

The energy you radiate is the atmosphere around you - and you had set the tone for this atmosphere. Several years ago, I developed and conducted a workshop for folks in the personal healthcare profession and the heart of the workshop involved setting an atmosphere of joy. I asked participants what it felt like to feel joy. Each reported images that played out in their minds - and the images symbolized joyous actions. They reported scenes of children playing joyfully as well as scenes where they were dancing, laughing or having fun in some delightful ways. This workshop experience gave participants the opportunity to penetrate the feeling of joy.

You may consciously penetrate any reaction you'd had to events and circumstances and go beyond your immediate feelings to their Perfection. Reach the point where you know the energy you'd detected in the event was perfect, you had penetrated that energy - you'd penetrated the feelings that supported the event. Having reached the Perfection of the energy, feeling its fulfillment, you had moved beyond the reaction to a tremendous energy that's offset the impact of the event as you first experienced it. You'd created a new atmosphere around the event and arranged energy for new experiences. You'd radiate the energy of the new experiences. 

In instances where your reaction was in the LVF, you might talk about the event and thereby cause a variation of similar experiences to come to you - more experiences that called for the same type of reaction. This is the way energy works and you know it is fulfilling and therefore perfect. Recognizing the Perfection of energy flow causes you to shift immediately from the essence of the reaction to the energy of Perfection. Penetration resulted in a shift from the LVF to HVF.

Radiating the energy of Perfection, you are now free to choose new facts for the event and then convert the facts to images you'd play out in your mind. Facts chosen in the energy of Perfection are fulfilling - represent fulfillment.

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