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Neville Instructed Us to Be In the Consciousness

Neville instructed us to be in the consciousness of our fulfilled desire. He also told us to act on behalf of others who had fallen into states they did not want to be in by redeeming them and placing them into states they'd preferred. Neville told us to do this in our imaginal activity.

Imaginal activity is acting in the Image - indeed, acting the solution. In other words, we'd penetrate any situation and act the solution. The solution is the state you'd like to see when you'd see the situation. It is the way you'd prefer to view the matter.

A situation represents a consciousness and the solution for the situation represents a different consciousness. A situation has its own sets of images that play out across the front of your mind.

Readily, facts of the situation are images you saw when you thought or heard about the situation. In the situation, persons took action with something at a particular location. Neither the person, thing nor location are in your mind or inner world - but images of these are in your mind. Each image is a mask and costume for you - a mask and costume you'd wear as you'd permitted the image to take action in your inner world. 

Because the image is a mask and costume for you, recognize who is acting. In your mind, you are the only actor. You are the only one acting out the parts of the persons - the images in situation after situation.

The situation requiring a solution shows you in one state of consciousness and the situation with its solution shows you in another state of consciousness. A state of consciousness is a place. It is a place we occupy - where we live, move and have our being. We occupy a state of consciousness and while in a particular state, all our experiences are formed in that state of consciousness. The experiences you are going through today were formed in a state of consciousness. Look at your experiences to determine the consciousness you are occupying.

How did you feel about the situation? How did you feel about the experiences that came through that situation? How did you feel about the situation when its solution was put in place? How did you feel about the experiences that came through after the solution for the situation was put in place? 

How you feel about your experiences sets the atmosphere and tone for the state of consciousness you occupy. Your feelings show the energy you radiate. The energy you radiate now penetrates the universal atmosphere and acting like a magnet, attracts more energy just like itself. This shows the state of consciousness you occupy and shows how this state is maintained.

Viewing the situation after the solution had been established stirs an entirely different set of feelings. These new feelings set a new atmosphere and tone while radiating a different energy. The different energy represents a new consciousness. It represents the consciousness of the fulfilled desire.

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