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Neville Instructed Us to Mirror Consciousness


Neville instructed us to mirror consciousness. Look at your physical world to see a mirror of your consciousness. Those who peopled your physical world are mirrors of your consciousness.

Recently I met with a woman who viewed her inner world and saw a certain amount of money to the front of her mind. She stepped into the image where she used the money for numerous things she'd wanted. The next day, she visited a relative who had just moved into a new house with beautiful new furnishings. When this woman told me about her relative's new home, she showed she had seen a mirror of her consciousness within 24 hours.

Survey your inner world to see the consciousness you are occupying. You are in the consciousness of the things that have your attention. In other words, whatever you are seeing and playing out in your mind shows the consciousness you are occupying and shows what has to be mirrored in your visible world.

Desires you'd seen in your inner world signified the consciousness you'd occupied - even if you were in that consciousness for only a short while. Increase the frequency in which you occupied the consciousness to make it familiar to you. The more you are familiar with the consciousness, the easier it is for you to feel the energy of your desire. Feel the energy of your desire frequently and it becomes increasingly more solid to you. Being in this energy causes you to see more and more mirrors of your desire in your visible world.

Seeing your desire in your inner world for the first time and then seeing it mirrored in your visible world is tremendous. If you'd like to see it mirrored more often, step into the image daily. Live, move and walk about in the image until you become very familiar with the energy of your desire.  In other words, you know what it feels like to have your desire - you are familiar with what it is and how it works. Each day brings you to greater and greater familiarity with the desire and with this familiarity, it is as though you'd conditioned your eyes and ears to see and hear instances of the desire in its fulfilled state in your visible world. 

Form a habit of living in the image of your desire. Being in the habit is your part that draws the mirrors to you. Generally it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I'd suggest that you'd live in the image of your desire for at least 21 days - 21 consecutive days. Even before you'd reached the 21st day, the energy of your desire feels familiar - and this shows you were on the right track. In the habit of living in the image of your desire, you'd made it solid and made it easy to manifest your desires.

Consider desires you'd identified for yourself. It is one thing, for instance, to say you'd like to be a millionaire. It is quite another thing to be established in the state you'd know as the millionaire consciousness. To say you'd like to be a millionaire is just words. Living in the image where you were a millionaire, you'd play out certain facts in your mind that validated you as a millionaire and you'd see it mirrored in your visible world. Your first mirrors might be books and articles written about persons who are millionaires or documentaries of the rich and famous. These mirrors would give you hints on which facts to play out while in the image of the millionaire.

Which facts did you convert to images and then play out in your mind to show you had stepped into the experience of being a millionaire? All day and all night, you could say, "I'm a millionaire" but until you'd stepped into the experience of being a millionaire, you are just saying words.

What was it like being a millionaire? How many millions did you have and how did you use the money? How did you feel about being a millionaire and how did others treat you after you had become a millionaire?

Answer these questions about the millionaire and set your answers in a list of facts about yourself as a millionaire. Convert the facts to images and then step into the images to play out your role as a millionaire. Play the role through the images until being a millionaire feels familiar and natural to you.

Use your Inner Bank Account to kick off your experience of being a millionaire. Look at your cash available balance and see the millions available to you. Play out your role as a millionaire.

How would you play the role of the millionaire? Think of yourself as a millionaire. Think from the point of view of the millionaire, considering how you'd approach any situation now you are a millionaire. Notice your interactions with others - how you regard them and treat them and how they regard and treat you - now that you are a millionaire.

If you must, ask Spirit to show you how the millionaire views the world and then do as you saw Spirit acting. The images Spirit showed you are  mirrors of the millionaire consciousness. Playing these out in your mind are mirrors of the millionaire consciousness. 

When the millionaire consciousness is your natural vibration - your habit of thinking and feeling as related to finance, look around in your visible world to see the mirrors - millions in your possession.

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