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Neville Instructed Us to Follow the Rules

Each desire has its own unique rules. Neville instructed us to follow the rules of each desire by taking specific imaginal action for each desire. When he wanted to leave the Army, he played out imaginal action in his apartment in New York City. When he wanted to travel back to the States, his imaginal activity involved playing out the scene where he, his wife and child boarded the ship. To bring about a better working relationship with her producer, Neville's wife held inner conversations with him where she heard him praising her work.

What do you want?

What are the rules unique to your desire?

Numerous folks I've talked with indicated that they wanted more money. Well, what rules are unique to increasing money? In other words, what imaginal activity did you play out so your experience showed you had the money you wanted?

The rules for increasing money are as follows:

  • Specify the amount of money that fulfilled your desire
  • Observe an image of the money that fulfilled your desire
  • See the image of money as energy flowing and streaming all around you
  • React to the image and energy of money flowing and streaming around you
  • Step into the image and play out a scene where you handled the money
  • Persist in the image until having the money feels familiar to you
  • Notice any instances that mirror your consciousness of the money
  • Go beyond the surface of the money you possess and experience having it
  • Expand your experience in handling the money - play out more scenes
  • Think and speak your experiences in handling the money
  • Feel the specified amount when you consider spending or otherwise distributing the money
  • Look around your inner world for evidence of your increased money

Alone or in a relationship that was unsatisfactory, what action did you decide to take to get into the most wonderful relationship? What rules did you follow to manifest the relationship you wanted?

The rules for the most wonderful relationship follow:

  • Specify the idea that best describes your preferred partner
  • Convert the idea to energy and react to the energy of your preferred partner
  • Use the energy to create an atmosphere for your partnership drama
  • Set up scenes in your drama and practice reacting to your partner
  • Specify scenes in the partnership and play out these scenes in your mind
  • Identify issues common to partnerships; set a habit for penetrating those issues
  • Identify mirrors that show you understand your partner
  • Penetrate instances to feel harmony and sharing with your partner
  • Form a lovely atmosphere by expanding the energy of your partnership actions
  • Think and speak the results of your wonderful activities together
  • Feel your partner around you
  • Look around your inner world to see assets of your partnership

What did Neville teach?


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