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Neville Instructed Us to Experience the Results


Neville instructed us to experience the results and to do so through our imaginal activities. So you desired to be successful in business. At the start, to be successful in business was a dream - it was something you wanted to be. That you desired it meant you were not yet successful - but you wanted to be successful. You wanted to look yourself in the mirror and know you were successful in business.

While the first step in being successful in business is being willing to be successful in business, you must convert your willingness to affirming your success. Well, how could you affirm your success if you were not already successful?

You could affirm your success in business after you had played it out in your mind. This means you'd gathered numerous key facts of what a person who was successful in business was like, converted these facts into images and stepped into the Image where you experienced the success in your business.

The facts of a successful business are like clothing. You'd wear these garments of business success and walk around in them day in and day out until you felt very comfortable with your success.

  • What facts did you choose to represent you as being successful in your business? 
  • What facts did you choose to represent you as being healthy?
  • What facts did you choose to represent you as being in a loving marriage?
  • What facts did you choose to represent you as being wealthy?
  • What facts did you choose to represent you as being the foremost in your field?

When you chose the facts that represented your being the person who had the desire fulfilled, I hope you noticed the images playing out in your mind. Surely you saw a picture of what it was like to be successful or healthy, in a loving marriage or wealthy, or what it was like being the foremost in your field. Seeing this picture was a very present matter. It was right there in your vision when you looked at it. You saw it in your now. And it was right here with you. This is called being in the present moment - the power of now.

Looking at the image, it is not something that will be, it is. It is something you see in the moment you view it. And you could view it again and again. Each time you view it, it is right here now. It is your experience. It is the results you had chosen.

Even if you said you'd wanted a certain amount of money in your hands by some future date, viewing the money in your hands with your mind's eye put the money in your hands the moment you viewed it. It is your experience, holding the money in your imaginal hands. The results of wanting the money is experiencing it in your imaginal hands, knowing the only time you could experience it was now.

Step into the Image surrounded by images that represent the facts that validate who you are conscious of being and you experience the results of your desires in the first person, present tense. This Neville instructed.

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