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Neville Instructed Us to Expand the Drama


Neville instructed us to expand the drama. I found it helpful to look at life as a drama. Neville calls it the Drama of Life where all are characters in an ongoing drama. He calls the experiences of the visible world the Dream of Life, mainly because so many are asleep. Indeed, most living in what Neville refers to as the world of Caesar are asleep. They are asleep to the inner world and to the power they have over their world. Those who are asleep think Imagination is fantasy except when applied to the arts and inventions. They do not recognize Imagination as their power.

By looking at life as a drama, I am able to move enough away from circumstances to see them as adventures and to see those participating in these adventures as being characters in a play. Seeing the persons as characters in a play, I realize they are in certain roles - playing out certain roles through the adventures. Where a character could play the role one way, because it is a drama, I know that character could well play the role in yet another way. For example, the character might play the role of an intimidator in one scene and in another scene, he could play the role of a nurturer. It is so easy to expand the drama and give the characters different roles.

So, when I had observed a situation where the character had played his role in a way that caused me to feel afraid, I could easily rewrite his script so he'd play his role in a way that made me feel safe and secure. To rewrite his script, all I'd have to do was play it out in my mind where the character's actions supported my conception of self as one who was safe and secure.

Media reports in early 2008 had indicated a troubled economy. The description does not fit my conception of self. My conception of self is one whose business activity is robust, where I serve many clients and supply materials for vast numbers of customers. To fit my conception of self, the economy is robust and that's the way I play it out in my mind. The characters in my world drama play their roles to the tee and the economy in my world is robust. 

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