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Neville Based Techniques

This part of Indoma's Place is an ongoing written workshop. You can work on any pages in Neville Based Techniques at your own pace. I organized the techniques as I became aware of them and tested for myself. The pages contain experiences I chose to share as a benefit to you.

Work these techniques on your own. I did these on my own and got great results. Of the results I got

  • Greater awareness of my own being

  • Financial increase

  • Improved communication with all forms of life, yes including human

  • Readily entered state of rest - ease and calmness, relief

  • Applied volumes of creative ideas - solutions in ways I never thought before

  • Increased healings in broad ranges of categories

  • Rearranged vast numbers of situations on behalf of others and myself

  • Explored deeper and deeper levels of consciousness

  • Expanded use of inner senses

  • Wiped out many false beliefs and replaced these with concepts of Truth

  • Extended range of power over my world

  • Noticed greater consistency in self-appraisal

These are just a few very valuable things that came to me and for me as I worked on self with the Neville Based Techniques. I expect you to get the same kinds of results as you work on self with the techniques I shared. Put your own twist on it and have great fun.

Take whatever time it takes to stir the images and reactions when you read directions and process things you read. You can do it. Click the link for sections you want and explore to your heart's content. 

To see how we got to here, click About Neville Based Techniques.

If you like, go directly to the sections

Section A    Section B    Section C    Section D    Section E    Section F    

Section G    Section H    Section I     Section J      Section K    Section L

Section M    Section N    Section O    Section P    Section Q    Section R

Or, see brief descriptions of the sections of Neville Based Techniques.

Table of Contents

Section A

Covering basic techniques and drills, including discussions of how we chose this venue. Be the person you wanted to be, let your desire externalize itself and use the key to manifesting daily. Your creative power extends through consciousness. Use it daily - consciously - to bring the joys and treasures out into the visible portion of your world. See the technique devoted to your chosen wealth level and those for you who are in sales. We wrap up Section A with techniques for establishing the attitude that supports your power and for making the future your present state.

Section B

Our emphasis is in feeling the change that comes as you merged your fulfilled desire and your concept of self. With practice and persistence, your change in the way you think about yourself is radical and readily discernible. Clearly you become aware of the many gifts you offer the world. Techniques in Section B enable you to prepare your mind for your fulfilled desires so you are able to appropriate your stuff and distribute it as you will. Here you teach yourself to rest knowing every thing you set on your scope is visible in your world. Mastery over time and circumstances is the prize you gave yourself.

Section C

How often you had been told to stop desiring. Well the techniques in Section C enable you to live psychologically in your answers, solutions and aims where your feeling of fulfillment is clear. Use the techniques to keep your attention in your place of power, working with your eternal companion where you were consciously in the position that assured your desire was already fulfilled and was in the world around you. Urged to maintain loyalty to your desire, you find techniques that help you do this easily and readily. Working on self in the arena of infinite choices available to you, techniques in this section encourage you to stretch - even to billionaire energy. We close out the section with exercises for converting misfortunes to lovely things in your world.

Section D

Getting to the point where you believe your action in consciousness is real and true and produces results is the heart of Section D. We use a variety of techniques to bring you to belief in your own work on self. Seeing how easy it is helps. Knowing how to adjust events along your timeline - the future end and the past end - makes it going smoother, especially when moving folks from one state to another. One other thing that makes it easier to believe your action in your psychological world is using your internal conversations as a  conscious technique.

Section E

It's all about you! Even your work on behalf of others. You are always the central character. Making your fulfilled desires your home and viewing the world from your home speeds you along. Changing the atmosphere of your world and persisting in the new atmosphere helps you fine-tune your work in Imagination. You are the one who gives life to your desires: you are their human parent.

Section F

Your mood brings everything you see in the mind's eye. Reform is in your hands - and that includes the entire world - when you know how to do it. And the resuults come before your physical eyes. But to pull it off, you have to do your part - and your part is simple and easy - but must be done, nonetheless. In Sectioon F we bring up the subject: school. Yes, school. What a relief to me to find out the things I had on my plate were lessons! Reaching the fulfilled desire in my visible present was the passing grade.

Section G

Be prepared to go to a new level of operating as you sharpen your skills with the techniques presented in this section. Develop mastery in your timeline work. Get clear on co-creating - your part as a co-creator. It's a partnership and you have two specific duties. 

Section H

Each technique in this section moves us to make Imagination normal. Use these techniques to awaken the many inner senses and keep active with them. Test out techniques that help you take on the new concept you chose and enhance your capacity to feel the emotion come over you to push out your desires into your visible present. Recognize your desire and fulfillment have the same source and notice the greatest proof of your success. Make your work in imagination fabulous and your very own foundation. Take the easy way by consciously describing your world and living it in your mind's eye until you accomplished your aim. Operate in the energy and light that is the power of your success and recognize how you obtained your fulfilled desires - in you and through your being.

Section I

Here at Section I, we work together to intensify our passion so we win the game of life. Important is being willing to look at situations to check out the thoughts and feelings that produced the situations. Enhance your capacity to fashion your world with your moods - moving more and more beyond the dictates of reason and the senses. Apply a technique in this section to see how quickly you manifest $20,000. Also, work with yourself to recognize the extent of your belief in your own powers - where you actually take back powers you had given to things created by the hands of man. We started our series of discussions and drills exploring the impact of knowing we are the Beloved Son of God. 

Section J

In this section, we picked up from the awareness of being the Beloved Son of God for whom special arrangements were made and looked at what this awareness did for me. I'll tell you right now - this awareness took me to a new level. I saw how the heavens were open to me. The more I became aware of myself as being the Beloved Son of God the more I realized I had more work to do regarding Intellect - indeed, I redeemed Intellect and conditioned Intellect to see along with Imagination. This was the start of something so wonderful. You might recall our drills with the energy ball and the energy ladder - all this led to being in the energy of love where we are easily guided by love. A few special interests we deal with in this section: business success, how to use your power if you are alone much of the time and being a multimillionaire. One favorite technique in this section explores our purpose. You just might like this as much as I.

Section K

Our first test shared in this section is the noble and lovely feeling that opens the door to the divine world. You might know this has something to do with how I feel about myself and you. Use techniques to see the Omnipresent good within and practice first person present tense when you pray. Work in your power to externalize scenes, to operate in a dimensionally larger world and to enhance your confidence with your imaginings. Work on self to recognize the being speaking within you and make the distinction of self when you are coming from the human being and the spiritual being. In the matter of wealth and riches, recognize who is the cause and who is your aid.

Section L

We started this section with a technique for subduing the earth. This is part of your authority and dominion over all the earth. It is easy to do - regardless of the matter that concerned you. Establishing the relationship between your spiritual being and your human being, you move into realms beyond any thing you had known before.

Section M

Neville mentioned numerous times a challenge with human Imagination as being low keyed. This implies low power. In our work together in this section our focus is powering up Imagination. Keying it high so we get quicker and quicker results.

Section N

You see me and you see the Father - because the situations in the world around me reflect the inner arrangement of my mind. I explored the concept and realized very clearly the most wonderful relationship. It became increasingly more evident how loved I am - I am indeed the beloved of the Father, without regard to the states I occupied. I saw what happened when I filled my mind with ideas of Truth and practiced listening until I heard what I specified. I gave form to the inner arrangement of my mind and caught myself when I was buying into sense reports. I set up a plan to stop sleeping with unresolved problems and to develop mastery over concepts. In this work, I became alert to spontaneous images and saw how my reactions set the direction of my experiences. I went far beyond business as usual and established an easy way to get the feeling of sensory vividness.

Section O

The core of my work is to rearrange the contents of my mind. I worked on behalf of a friend who had a day in court and found remedy for overnight effectiveness. I found out how to prevent unpleasant meetings and reduce the impact of situations around me. As I recognize who I AM - the channel through which consciousness flows - I set it up where I no longer accepted reports I heard - especially reports that were less than noble and superb. I found a way to check my state of wakefulness so I set it up to get results I chose. 

Section P

In this work, I created the atmosphere for transforming to my ideal self. It is all about renewing the mind and discontinuing practices I had learned over the years of how to live in this world. This work is becoming easier and easier.

Section Q

This section contains certain foundational work - concepts I worked with to make sure my imaginal activity was well invested. It involves resolving issues that came before me when I had taken the path of the senses and reason. I noticed changes right away - when I moved my attention to concepts I chose to experiment with and experience instead. I announced my great find in this section and expanded on it as I explored the deceiver.

Section R

All things exist in you and you bring into your tangible world those things of your daydreams. This section gives numerous drills for educating your imagination - your human imagination.

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