The Energy Game and Money

Excerpts from The Energy Game by Neeta Blair, Ph.D.

You may wonder why we connect the Energy Game with money. Let me tell you why.Itís simple.If you read the daily news or watch newscasts on television, you will see that money is a big deal.So many people are concerned about money.If I asked, you could easily tell me where the ideas of money are located in most energy fields.

Have you guessed already?

Well, if you did not say it, I will go ahead.Most people have money in the fear energy sections of their energy field.Thatís where they have it and thatís where they have kept it for much of their lives.What about you?Where do you keep your money ideas?

If you have even one money idea in a fear energy section, that is too many.Before you play the Energy Game with your money, I want you to do something.I want you to move your ideas of money from the fear energy sections and place them in the Love Energy sections.How?

As you think about money in any of the ways you use it, think of how you enjoy it.Associate it with Love Energy.Include your income, your expenses, bills and investments, your savings as well as money you give away and the money you use for recreation and travel.

Delight in every channel through which money comes to you Ė those you know about and those you do not know about.Enjoy it as spend money and pay your creditors.††

  • Enjoy your trips to banks and investment firms.††

  • Have fun with the people who handle your accounts.††

  • Watch your joy as you give money away.Even the gifts and allowances.††

  • Enjoy receiving money others give you, regardless of why they give it to you.††

  • As you think of these, see each surrounded by Wealth Energy and enjoy every moment.Associate every person and every event that involves money with Love Energy.

Take one person and one event at a time and spend several moments enjoying and basking in each image.


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