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We use our coaching services to help you focus on your capacities to train yourself in general and specific skills for creating your own reality in ways you find pleasing and satisfying. All through your life course, you have been creating your reality. At times, however, the reality you created was unwanted. Indeed, you have created both - experiences you like and experiences you don't like. Creating the reality you want and creating yourself in to realities you want is a matter of law. In other words, by following the laws associated with creating reality, you put yourself in position to receive what you are wanting. You'll know right away when you are on the track that leads to the reality you want. During our sessions, we show you how to track your progress. While we present the laws and rules to you, we move you through practice sessions so you recognize right away how well you are doing. We gladly give you examples of how we have used these laws and what we have personally witnessed among others we have coached. Be assured, you are fully capable of using the examples. But more, you are fully capable of figuring out how to use any information you have, whether from us or from others to develop and refine your skills.. 

Let me be very clear about this. Our coaching method takes into account that you are on a journey from where you are to where you want to be. The journey is emotional, and is exclusively yours. We ask you to ask questions of yourself along your journey and to pause for responses you receive from within. We help you recognize where the answers and responses you receive are relevant and valid.  

This coaching service is our rendezvous for co-creating the reality of your proficiency in creating yourself into the reality you want. Often during our sessions, you choose vehicles from your everyday life for your journey into the mastery you want. We bring to the table the knowing that you are already masterful. We recognize you came into this world knowing what to do to have a happy satisfying life, but got caught up in things going on around you. In other words you got busy with day to day living and gave more attention to the desires of others than your own happiness. With our services, we are walking you through your capacities for making each day what you want it to be.

A lot of our work together is looking at your beliefs and you deciding which beliefs are serving you and which are hindering your forward progress. We integrate teachings from metaphysics and neuroscience, and help you practice brain-body communication, imagination, the art of the psychological drama to enrich your capacities for managing your personal relationships, business, health, finances, politics, the weather, and more. We recognize your capacities for discovering your own solutions and how to go beyond anything you had ever previously known.

Every situation that interests you brings opportunities for enhancing your capacities for creating the experiences you want and for creating yourself into situations you prefer. We have numerous processes and exercises for your use, and together we figure out what works best for you. With each piece of information you take in fully, you are updating your consciousness for uses when you come to situations that interest you.

We offer memberships in Imagination 5000 for you when you want assistance in expanding your scope with your alignment skills. These include 3-session trial memberships as well as coaching programs with specific focus over 6, 10, or 15 sessions over the course of a year at discounted prices. If you prefer to schedule one session at a time, these are available.  

Membership sessions are instructional with practice and assignments you practice between sessions. 

Since we formed Imagination 5000 in 2009, it has been my joy to serve a very special group of persons who activated their creative capacities to levels they tell me were far beyond anything they had ever dreamed possible. Primarily, these folks cultivated their skills to benefit themselves and humanity. Each of these members tells a unique story of their magnificence, although modest about their feats. I am so thrilled to have been part of their accomplishments, and delight in seeing the fun they showed they were having day in and day out as they made new and outstanding discoveries in so many areas.  Their discoveries revealed great capacities to control their worlds.


Our programs are cutting edge and we are expanding daily. In the sessions we present tested processes for integrating your physical and imaginal capacities, walking you through practice activities for developing and implementing capacities you discover.  

Members have accomplished the following:

  • activating new versions of their desires 
  • making changes friends and loved ones readily reported noticing
  • transforming unpleasant situations into lovely experiences
  • entering and adjusting to new states of consciousness
  • changing the way you view the world 
  • cultivating delightful inner conversations that play out in their physical reality
  • personifying concepts, cells, animals, weather patterns, environmental features, etc.
  • communicating with images, whether of cells of their bodies, gasoline cells and other personified concepts
  • playing the parts of characters that represent their desires fulfilled
  • playing the parts of their personal expansion of the person they had chosen to be
  • assembling scenes that represent new structures for their experience in physical reality
  • saving thousands and thousands of dollars using vibrational devices and processes
  • accessing their vibrational escrow for increased funds for use in their physical reality

The following list of feelings represents instances of great satisfaction and pleasure in daily living. Look over the list to see if these are among things you want to experience.

  • being happy and having fun 
  • validation and cherished
  • reassuring joy
  • creative and innovative
  • joyous and prosperous
  • youthful and renewed
  • abounding wellbeing
  • harmony in relationships
  • productive and wealthy
  • successful and healthy
  • kindness and compassion
  • confidence and fulfillment
  • awakened and powerful
  • excelling in business
  • managing weather and the environment
  • communicating with animals
  • deploying legions of angels for protection and special missions

Imagination Education Institute International sponsors four levels of Membership, including trial membership. Your membership is packaged according to the number of sessions you want. Membership sessions are as follows:

  • Trial - three 30 minute sessions

  • Membership 1 - six 60 minute sessions

  • Membership 2 - ten 60 minute sessions

  • Membership 3 - fifteen 60 minute sessions

Imagination Education Institute International awards participants the Certificate of Completion in 15 session programs. These members may utilize this certification to select a variety of benefits.  

What is the advantage of enrolling in a membership that comes with numerous sessions?

Going with numerous sessions promotes consistency in practicing until you feel comfortable to practice on your own. You can expect to find our ongoing monitoring and feedback helpful. 

You are free to arrange your coaching sessions in a variety of ways. These may be daily for the number of sessions you chose during the five day work week, weekly, or in segments over the course of the year.

An advantage of membership is the opportunity for connection in a practice environment. From the moment you commit to a program, we include you in our perspective, thinking of you in terms of your tremendous capacities. Our expectations are that you are living your personal preferences.

You might know I am constantly testing every concept and process that gets my attention to see how it works and to that extent I am practicing it and putting it in my package of games and dramas. Members of Imagination 5000 are the first persons I inform of what I am doing, making you as a member on the cutting edge of discoveries and unfoldments of vibrational reality. We encourage you to make your own discoveries and freely present your findings and tests to the membership. This major benefit of membership - encourages the flow of cutting edge discoveries and unfoldments - and I just love it.

Imagination 5000 provides an association of members who enjoy making conscious application of Creative Power to bring about fulfilled desires - the life you want to experience. As a practicing member you are consciously exercising power over your world. By choice, members may elect to practice together after meeting each other in conferences. 

This association is sponsored by Imagination Education Institute International. 

Benefits and Investments

Enroll in the Imagination Education Membership (Imagination 5000) program of your choice today and derive vast benefits. Your primary benefits include control over your vibrations and subsequently control over your world. Tangible benefits are the very deep discounts for private coaching and workshops! Because your innate capacities are expansive and ever expanding and becoming more, practicing with us puts you among the first to know about new discoveries in the field of Imagination Education. This makes you part of a dynamic paradigm for the 21st century.

While you might start with the trial membership program - for 3 thirty-minute sessions - with great discounts. You are free to upgrade to either of the other levels of membership at any time. If you start out with single sessions at the regular fees, you may freely upgrade to membership level.  

To discuss your interest in the program, text Neeta Blair, Ph.D. at 910-545-7553, email or message on Facebook to talk about your interests.

Generally available from 10 am - 4 pm ET USA. 

Special arrangements if requiring times other than these hours.

Sessions by phone and Skype.


Membership in Imagination 5000 includes:

  • Project-Specific group on Facebook for six (6) or more 

  • First to be notified of new workshops and processes

  • Invitation to participate in research projects

  • Invitation to participate in special work projects

  • 60-minute general coaching sessions ($175.00 value each session)

  • 4-Session subject-specific Private Workshops ($575.00 value each workshop)

  • 60-minute subject-specific coaching sessions ($200.00 value)

  • Certification included in 15 session membership programs

Trial Membership includes:

  • May participate in special work projects

  • Three 30-minute coaching sessions ($100.00 value each)

  • Practicing any skills on list for typical 30-minute session (see below)

Choose your level of membership and consider your personal goals and what it takes to reach them. Decide whether you are willing to develop mastery in completing your ongoing emotional journey. 


Imagination 5000 Coaching Membership



Single Coaching Session


Typical Coaching Activities

In a typical 30-minute session, we practice building and sharpening your non-physical skills. We generally practice one skill during the session and give you a few exercises you could practice on your own. 

  • Practice paying off creditors

  • Practice receiving increased funds 

  • Practice being wealthy 

  • Practice being healthy  

  • Practice being joyous 

  • Practice entering objects 

  • Practice holding objects in your imaginal hands 

  • Practice moving energy 

  • Practice hearing inner conversations

  • Practice inner conversation with specific characters 

  • Practice seeing specific objects

  • Move Up the Scale of Emotions 

  • Move Up the Energy Ladder 

  • Create and Utilize an Energy Ball 

  • Step into the Image that acts solutions

  • Practice opening doors to specific activities and situations

  • Practice closing the door of your senses to specific situations

  • Practice feeling natural in specific states

  • Practice the art of establishing an atmosphere

Typically in a 45-minute session, we practice solutions and enjoying preferred outcomes. Your project might be from the following list or you might designate different subjects:

  • Business Goals 

  • Personal Finances 

  • Personal Relationships

  • Workplace Goals

  • Investments and Trading

  • Geographical Relocation

  • Community Concerns

  • Political Interests

A typical 60 minute session includes practicing processes for vibrational alignment with specific desires. 

  • Being A Person of Great Wealth

  • Being A Person with Restored Health

  • Being An Effective Parent

  • Maintaining Weather Balance

  • Being the Foremost in Your Profession

  • Being An Effective Manager



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