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Love and Praise Songs by Mary Alberici

This tremendous Acappella Vocal Performed Live at St. Vincent's-in-the-Vineyard gave me more ways to express praise and adoration to the Father within me. This YouTube presentation: http://www.youtube.com/maryalberici takes you to the next level of awareness.

These songs of love and praise came before me after I had become clear and aware of the Father's love for me. I had accepted Neville's teaching that consciousness is God and I recognized God as the Father, the Birther. In my work on self as the beloved of the Father, I saw how to do my part to release the power of "I AM" and I did it. From this came the awareness: giving praise and love to the Father is vital. It is something to do day in and day out. Recognizing consciousness as the Father, it was easier and easier to give praise and love to consciousness.

Listen as Mary sings to feel the stirring of love and praise within yourself. Indulge yourself in this praise and adoration.

Let me know how you liked it!

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