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Welcome to the Games page of Unfoldments 2009. 

For many years, my fascination with games has grown. I love playing games and I love winning. My first set of games are in the book called Energy Games.


Well, I found as I'd developed drills for Imagination Education programs, games gave us such fun ways to sharpen our skills in working with images, making it easy to get into the fulfilled state that causing manifestations to appear quickly. As I prepared my list and descriptions for Unfoldments 2009, I included the experience of developing games. 

Before I'd completed my list, names of 35 games came to mind. The numbers of games are increasing daily!

Check this page frequently to see the new games we'd added to our list. Follow the links below as the games unfolded with details of their descriptions.

Let us know if you'd like to participate in a Games Workshop, to include certain games in your coaching sessions or to play single-session games - such as a 30-minute game, a 60-minute game or a 90-minute game. 

Choose games you'd like to play from this list.

The Plenty Game

The Time Game

The Sales Game

The Health Restored Game

The Youth Renewed Game

The Economy Recovered Game

The Weather Game

The Money Game

The Stock Market Game

The Employment Game

The Harmony Game

The Winning Game

The Enthusiasm Game

The Promoted Game

The Gasoline Game

The Evidence Game

The Distributed Wealth Game

The Outcomes Game

The Conditioned Game

The Money Magnet Game

The 1200 Watts Game

The Persistence Game

The Billionaire Game

The Awards Game

The Hearing Game

The 21-Seconds Game

The Profits Game

The Lottery Game

The Appreciation Game

The Serenity Game

The Fulfillment Game

The Blissing Game

The Blessing Game

The Success Game

The Creative Power Game

Arrange to play any of these games. Contact Neeta Blair, Ph.D.


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