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You may be familiar with the adage: as a mans thinks, so is he.In plain language, I am what I think and I am what I think about.You are what you think and what you think about.Flow with me here.†

  • Thought is energy.††

  • Every idea is an energy.††

We are clear on this.I think and I release energy.I speak and I unleash energy.

As I discuss in The Energy Game, the energy I release has just one purpose.It has a single mission.That purpose is to seek matching energy and bring it back to me.

Through my traditions, I learned to feel good about some events and to dislike other events.I learned to complain and criticize the events I do not like and to be happy about the events I like.I learned to separate my feelings about people and ideas in the same way.I learned to think in these ways and form mismatches.

As an energy being, I have certain attributes.These attributes form my being.My attributes are my energies.I have names for them and I can call them out.I can call their names to free them so they will flow in and through my energy field and throughout the universal energy field.Just as all energy, these attributes, my energies go on my orders to find energies or attributes that match and bring them back to me.

You ask, What?Duh?Yes, this is far too simple.How often have you heard it said that you have every thing within you?Thatís where I am going with this.The attributes are within.Within, waiting to be called out.††

  • Health!††

  • Wealth!††

  • Wisdom!††

  • Love!††

  • Victory!††

  • Power!††

These energies we want to unleash.Unleash these so they will go out to bring back to us more of their own kind.Do you think I could feel some joy here?

So I ask, are you willing to identify yourself as an energy being with the attributes of health, wealth, wisdom, love, victory and power?Will you let yourself experience your attributes freely and feel joyful on the inside?

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