Introducing to the Energy Game

I am so glad that I have this opportunity to share with you what I have come to know over the many years of my searching. I wanted to know how to put into plain simple words what had seemed complex. I did this as I prepared this marvelous little playbook, The Energy Game.

I call it a little playbook because it is makes me think about a playing wonderful games as a child.

I call it marvelous because it has so many great ideas in it.

I want you to know that I did every thing I tell you to do. I took each step and got more and more excited about sharing what I have with you. It delighted me so much to call my friends when I found this gem or that -- to share these with them and then watch as they did it too. It was my joy! To see my friends get outcomes they enjoyed.

If the Energy Game is about anything, it is about enjoying life. Enjoying yourself whether you are alone of with others! Enjoying your work and your play! The people on your job as well as the people in your family! The Energy Game shows you how to look at yourself to see just how wonderful and marvelous you are. You were made wonderful and you are wonderful. So is everyone else! With the Energy Game you can see this to be true.

The Energy Game is much, much more than another positive thinking book. You will find out as you go through the pages that you are free to think in any way you want. When you see the results of your thinking, you will see how you have absolute control over what you think and what you produce. In a very short time, the connections will be clear and you will decide which way you want to think. Yes, when you see how you cause things to happen, you will choose to be more selective. You will be picky about the thoughts you think and talk about. It will not take long for you to see the rush of ideas, persons, events and things coming back to you.

The joy I feel every time I think about the Energy Game is awesome.

Neeta Blair, Ph.D.


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