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Fundamentals of Imagination Education

Prepare to Work on Self

Create the Atmosphere and Establish Your Identity


Workshop in mp3 format

Call any images to mind at will.

Direct the movement of images.

Steady your attention on the feeling of accomplishment.

Observe images playing out in your mind.

Take control of what is going on in your mind and see it played out in your circumstances.

All your actions to manifest your desires, etc., are carried out in your mind. It does not matter which programs you follow. Any conscious activity in your mind is work on self. All the images you see are in your mind and they all belong to you. It is always here and now when you focus attention on your images - and this is your power to your world. 

Since the images are in your mind and belong to you, they are part of your being. So any thing you do with your images is work on self. And you are always doing something with your images - each time you react to anything. Your reactions to circumstances and events in your life stir your images and set them in motion.


This workshop set up in two major drills take you to the joy of accomplishment so you could consciously return to this feeling again and again. Each drill is complete within itself and you could use one or the other exclusively to achieve the purpose of the drill at the time. 

In the first drill, you prepare the atmosphere for your work on self. Here, we work with two energies to create the "energy ball" to prepare your consciousness to operate in the highest energies. It's like cultivating the ground before you plant your gardens. The two energies are:

  • The energy of infinite love

  • The energy of infinite wisdom

In the second drill, you establish your identity to work on self. We walk you up the energy ladder, starting at the first rung where light radiates at 200 watts and complete our walk at 1,000 watts. The energy ladder is an interactive adaptation of the Hawkins map of consciousness. 

During your walk up the energy ladder, you activate your inner senses to discern the energy and light of each level and you are cued to key concepts that signify your position. Each position represents your identity and you consciously take in the qualities of each position and identity as you walk up the ladder. For instance, at 500 watts you can say, I AM Love radiating and at 600 watts I AM Fulfillment radiating. 

You are always radiating light at the level where you positioned and identified yourself - whether in higher consciousness or lower consciousness. In our work together - and in this workshop, we work exclusively in higher consciousness.

Use the workshop for continual practice. In other words, prepare the atmosphere for your work on self continually. But practice until you automatically moved in the energy of infinite love and infinite wisdom at the thought of your desires. Make sure you are already in the feeling of joy before you start your work. Starting in the feeling of joy puts you on the cutting edge and enables you to keep your awareness of your fulfilled desire alive.



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