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The Spiritual Being and The Human Being In Love Forever

Workshop  in mp3 format

This workshop, “The Eternal Marriage: The Spiritual Being and The Human Being In Love Forever” was designed especially for you. You can count on it: from the first vow you exchanged with your spiritual being, your life is changed forever.

Consciously as the human being I exchanged vows with my spiritual being. Yes, this means I stepped into the image of my human being. My entire life changed. I moved from thinking I had to handle matters on my own to knowing my spiritual being made special treatment available on my behalf and gave me special attention. 

We exchanged vows and established the initial covenant of an eternal marriage. So many gifts came in this marriage. It made every thing in the Scriptures real for me.

More, from my first covenant with my spiritual being, a sense of rest, peace and fulfillment came over me and has remained with me without regard to circumstances. I feel like the wife whose husband is tremendously gentle and attentive - but more, I know he is always taking care of matters that concern me. 

This peace came over me as I laid down one night - going over my day and the only thing I ssaw was my spiritual being with me. A few nights later a situation came up - the human being being outer directed was aware of the situation. I told the spiritual being about it and we established a covenant for it. 

We did what we could about it right away. However I laid down and I, the human being told the spiritual being, "You are going to have to handle this. I'm going to sleep. I expect it to be resolved in the morning". I went to sleep and rested well. For sure, my spiritual being arranged special treatment and resolved the matter quite well to my satisfaction. 

In this workshop, you can expect to do the following:

  • Recognize the partners in the marriage

  • Share an exclusive moment

  • Recognize your specialness

  • See benefits of life in the invisible world of cause

  • Observe instances of special attention

  • Clarify conditions you must meet for your guaranteed benefits

  • Observe arrangements available to you

  • Observe actions taken directly for you

  • Arrange to develop expectancy of special treatment and special attention

  • Set up to adapt a lifestyle of special treatment and special attention

  • Identify areas in your personal life where special treatment and special attention would be valuable to you now

  • Decide if you want to take the big step into the eternal marriage. This is entirely your choice.

  • See what you must do to meet the conditions for the commitment if you chose to enter the eternal marriage.

  • Recognize the marriage vows

Only you can decide if and/or when you take the vows for the eternal marriage.

Workshop in mp3 format



One-On-One Session

Your life will change forever! Friend, it is SOOOO wonderful!


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