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This workshop, “You Are The Greatest: Unified In the Power of ‘I AM’” was designed especially for you. Notice, if you will, who you are. You are somebody special. Things are arranged especially and exclusively for you. And more, you are the power unto your world when unified in the power of "I AM". This constitutes your greatness.

For years, I consciously relied on Spirit to guide me. It is the same now. Almost as though out of the blue, Spirit guided me to observe my spiritual being and my human being. Suddenly I realized these represented the dual nature within my being. 

It's not news that we have a dual nature and we are made up with male and female qualities. Psychologists talked about it for years - even encouraged men to develop their feminine nature - recognizing we all have masculine and feminine qualities of being.

Spirit guided me to view these qualities - the inner directed spiritual being is the male and the outer directed human being is female. Perhaps you know about the human spirit. Suddenly, Spirit guided me to recognize these two spirits live within me - my spiritual being is a spirit and my human being is a spirit. Together these produced the physical garment and personality I present in the world of effects. I happen to wear a female garment. They worked together long before I realized their relationship.

Unique to this union is this: both my spiritual being and human being speak through the mouth of my physical garment and use my voice. My spiritual being speaks just one thing: his name. My human being speaks many names - names of concepts that get her attention. Both exchange power. In each instance, the spiritual being and the human being establish covenants that allow the power of "I AM" to be released on my behalf. The covenants allow the power of "I AM" to intervene in matters for me.

Sharing my findings in this workshop gives you the opportunity to see for yourself your own greatness and specialness. I discovered my greatness and specialness and realized - this is everyone's story. It is your story. Get this workshop. Listen to it and test it. Do whatever it takes to bring you back to your power over your world.

In this workshop, take the opportunity to

  • Recognize the components of your greatness

  • Observe how your union with the power of "I AM" works

  • Observe the power exchange that happens in each covenant

  • Practice the consciousness of joy

  • Observe confirmation of special treatment already arranged for you

  • Deal effectively with questions, concerns and doubts

  • Activate the special treatment of the consciousness of Perfect Health

  • Permit special treatment through the consciousness of Perfect Wealth

  • Make use of special treatment through the consciousness of restoration

Workshop in mp3 format



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