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I created astrology to aid identities in their descent to physical reality.  Astrology contains the symbols which specify vibrations.  These vibrations release messages the identities use to carry out their missions. Identities must be sufficiently awake to perceive the vibrations and relate them to their tasks.

Prior to the descent, the identity determines the mission and the major circumstances in which to carry it out.  The circumstances include the land, other identities with which to set up events and gender.  The land provides a general vibration which many identities agree to use.  The other identities, also called family, provide a vibrational frame through which to set up the events.  The gender specifies how the vibrations of the identity shall be released.

The vibrations of the identity are those the identity uses to enter physical reality.  The identity uses these vibrations to enter the land and family and then sets up events through which to release them.  The identity releases vibrations through the events which make up the mission.  Each event is part of the mission.

Astrology helps the identity perceive the vibrations.  These include the so-called personal vibrations as well as vibrations of events.  Also, these include vibrations of others who join in the mission.  Groups of identities agree to come together to carry out the mission.  Identities who are together have unique parts in each other's mission.  Each member of the group serves as a mirror for the others.  The identity serves as a mirror to others in the group.  

Astrology is like a map identities can use to see the vibrations that they are using in their missions.  All vibrations are useful.  Each vibration has its own purpose and when utilized, makes it possible for the identity to reach the mission.

Let me be clear.  That an identity enters on a particular vibration does not mean he or she will follow through on the mission it conveys.  The identity may become so engrossed in the events that are set up for the mission that he forgets what the events are for.

The following information is general, but I give it here to help you see how astrology fits with the missions.  Those who are awake will see. Most information about astrology starts the order by looking at the individual.  In this information, I start by looking at the group.  First the major group and then the splinter groups.  Many identities enter physical reality together and travel to connect with other groups they had agreed to join.  Each group has its mission.

All identities enter physical reality in groups.  Each group has its sets of missions.  The missions are defined by the vibrations on which they enter. Depending on when the identities entered, indicated by degree, is the specific quality they have for that mission.  Notice the overlapping periods of entry.

The identities who enter when a vibration is in retrograde retain greater memory of who they are and what powers they have.  These are more awake and tend to retain their focus in spiritual reality.  The land and family they occupy determine how they use these powers.  They determine if they use the powers.  Still, to awaken and fully use the powers, these must come out from among them.

Throughout each year, identities enter when vibrations are open into retrograde.  When this happens, those already here and focused in physical reality have the opportunity to focus into spiritual reality.  Retrograde is like a light.  With the exception of the Sun and Moon, all the vibrations open into retrograde at some time during a calendar year.  Vibrations such as Mercury and Venus open into retrograde more than once in a year. 

A little technical info for those who wondered.  When you review the information about the waves on which groups enter, you will notice overlapping dates.  Let me explain.  The energies are aka planets and constellations, e.g. Saturn Gemini. When the energies open into retrograde they give the appearance of "backward" motion.  Thus the name retrograde.  

The planet itself takes a wider orb in its movement around the sun.  Its action causes it to appear to move slower and backward and the appearance that the other planets are moving faster.  The overlap occurs when a planet has left one constellation and entered another then returns to the constellation it left.  This usually happens when the retrograde occurs near the "cusp".  

The calculations show that the planet "returned" to the constellation it had just left.  Groups enter on vibrations all throughout the day, every day, regardless of where the vibrations are situated.  On the day they enter, if a planet is traveling through the constellation from which it had already been, groups still enter that vibration.  It does not matter that a day before, or hours, that that planet was traveling  in the "new" constellation.

The overlapping dates allow us to capture the groups that entered when the planets had "gone" retrograde and returned through the constellations they had just recently traveled.

All right.  We are now moving on with our discussion.

  • Pluto reveals the primary group mission. 
  • Spiritual evolution is a group mission signified by the vibrations of Neptune.  
  • The Uranus vibrations make it possible for groups entering to focus and change forms from one level to another. 

In the astrology section of the Next Step Series, we have a few other articles. You may scroll down if you want to review what we have to say about groups who enter on the Pluto Wave, the Neptune Wave, the Uranus Wave and Personal Waves.

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